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Antique Victorian Etruscan Revival 14k Gold Hardstone Cameo Earrings

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These earrings are a remarkable piece of history in pristine condition! Hailing from the Victorian era’s Etruscan Revival, satiny bloomed 14k gold veritable sculptures are set with haunting hardstone cameos of two women who face one another when worn. The figures are masterpieces all their own! They’re quite similar in their features and garb, but each has her own personality. The earrings are adorned with delicate details typical to Etruscan jewelry, such as twisted rope and carefully-placed golden orbs.

-Test as 14k

-6.3 grams (pair)

-Earrings measure approx 31mm x 17mm, approx 40mm total drop length

-These earrings have remarkably little wear in spite of their age 

-Fasten with kidney wires with a locking clasp

-Earrings are hinged and have movement