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Antique Edwardian 14k Gold Engraved Floral Bangle

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Mesmerizing floral engravings trail across the domed surface of this antique Edwardian 14k gold bangle. The maker of this piece had a masterful touch, and was well-versed in a variety of engravings tools to create a gorgeous spectrum of expressive lines and shapes. The interior features a set of initials which appear to be either “M.A.S.” or “M.A.L.”. The oval shape of this 12 gram hollow-formed piece lends it to following the natural curvature of the wrist. This bangle is in incredible condition and is more than ready for spring galavanting!

-12 grams

-2.75” interior diameter

-9mm wide

-3.6mm thick

-Hollow formed


-In incredible condition